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why us - pre-listing home appraisal

Houses that aren’t priced right don’t sell.

Homes in the Greater Atlanta Area consistently sell when the listing price is within 2 to 5 percent of the true market value. Overpriced homes collect days on market, and lose perceived value in the eyes of buyers, often leading to a lower selling price for the homeowner.

The Hidden Costs of Incorrect Pricing

Every month a home sits unsold costs the owners’ more money in carrying costs (mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities and possible vandalism) than it would have cost to have a listing appraisal completed. Are you planning to just list your home or to sell your home? If you want to sell, get a Listing Appraisal and get it SOLD.

Our Listing Appraisal Service

provide an accurate, substantive Listing Appraisal Service for homeowners and Realtors in the Greater Atlanta Area. If you are an Atlanta Realtor, or a home owner planning to list a home for sale, you may be wondering why you might need a pre-listing appraisal. Here are a few good reasons:

  • Discrepancies in home size can quickly lead to legal problems
  • Tax records are frequently wrong. If you are planning to FSBO (For Sale By Owner), you need to be certain of the size of the home.
  • A Listing Appraisal will give you an accurate measurement of the home’s Gross Living Area (GLA) as well as the measurements for other areas, such as the garage and out buildings on the property.
  • Finding comparable sales for some properties can be a real headache.

A Listing Appraisal can help you understand the market outside of the typical market area for your CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) and identify comparable sales that may not have been originally considered but that would be considered viable comparable properties to the one you’re about to list. In addition, the appraisal will explain, in detail, why these comparable properties were chosen and how they substantiate the appraiser’s opinion of value. This information can be valuable when negotiating the contract for the sale of the property.

A Listing Appraisal can help make sure the listed price on the property is viable for the current market. Potential buyers that view the property and their Realtors can pick up a full color copy of the appraisal report along with your other marketing materials at the property to show that a professional independent appraiser has inspected the property and the sales in the area. CMA approaches can vary widely from Realtor to Realtor but appraisal approaches are very well defined and one appraiser’s opinion of value will be within a small range of another’s.

Your pre-listing appraisal report will contain a detailed report, a grid with the comparable sales used, color photos, an aerial map, a street location map showing the subject property and the comparable sales and other helpful forms to show the true market value of the home.

Why Waste your Time and Money?

A pre-listing appraisal can save you time, and time is money. If your home is even a little overpriced, you’ll be waiting and watching for months while other homes in your area that are more favorably priced sell. Even worse, fresh ones will come on the market to compete with your “old” listing!

Our Fees

For Non-lending purposes

 Single Family Residence$375.00
 2-4 Units$500-$600
 Single Family Residence – Ext. only inspection$300
 Condominium/Townhouse – Ext. only inspection$300
 Complex PropertiesCall for Quote
 Recertification/Appraisal Update$250.00


For Mortgage-lending purposes

Single Family Residence (1004)$400.00
Condominium/Townhouse (1073)$400.00
2-4 Units (1025)$550-$700
FHA (1004)$450.00
Rental Survey$125.00
Final inspection/Re-inspection$100.00
Condominium/Townhouse – Ext. only inspection$325.00
Single Family Residence – Ext. only inspection$325.00
Complex PropertiesCall for Quote


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